Jobsgopublic take on the Shoreditch Grand Prix

RLawson, September 9, 2008

Catching up with Richard Tyrie one morning at the coffee machine he mentioned that there was this Shoreditch Grand Prix on tricycles – mad I thought, ‘sounds like fun’ I said.

The next day, Thursday 28th August, 3 days before the ‘grand prix’, I received an email from our swift acting marketeer asking for my date of birth for the entry form – things happen quickly at Jobsgopublic and you can obviously volunteer yourself with a quick pre-caffeine comment!

After rapidly securing some sponsorship from our esteemed colleagues and building our ‘Trike’ off we went for the weekend, agreeing to meet and formulate strategy on Sunday morning, an hour before the start.  Talk about our careful military style tactical plan we were to implement!

Race day arrived and we strolled from the Jobsgopublic offices to Shoreditch, attracting some very strange looks from passers by.  It’s not very often you see 3 grown men walking purposefully down the street with their race faces on, whilst carrying a bright red children’s tricycle across their shoulders.

The ‘Grand Prix’ itself was extremely well organised and I have to admit that it was with some trepidation we started to scope out the other competitors – perhaps our hour of ‘preparation’ wasn’t going to cut it on the day!  As qualifying commenced and the crowds started to grow I felt sorry for Gerhard, our nominated race qualifier.  The tension mounted but finally it was time for the off and boy did he rocket.  So fast in fact that Jobsgopublic had qualified in pole position, unbelievable!

Ideas of grandeur steeped through us.  We stayed off the alcohol and ate light at lunch expecting a podium finish, possibly even a first place.  Serious tactical chat ensued and the plan was formulated.  We were going to take this thing by storm. Race time!

Up first on the grid Richard Tyrie stretched off and prepared himself mentally for the first crucial lap.  After a quick and confident interview it was time for the off and time for our well thought out plans to go horribly wrong.

As anyone who took part in this race would be able to tell you, a 2 minute lap around the streets of Shoreditch on a tricycle is a better workout than a 5 mile run.  Some furious racing, swapping ‘drivers’ and total chaos ensued, followed by a pedal breaking away from our racing machine on the final lap.  We finished in a respectable 7th position!  Not bad all things considered.

Our racing team, Richard Tyrie, Gerhard Lazu and Richard Lawson have vowed to train heavily for next year.  Special mention should go to Gerhard – he put us in pole position and was the only one of our team to do 2 laps consecutively during the race. Respect!

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the-trike.JPG  the-crew.JPG   warmup-stretching.JPG

The Trike                                The Team                                Pre-race stretching (note the

pre-race-interview.JPG  lawson.JPG  lazu.JPG

Pole Position!                          Lawson aka. Roadrunner      Lazu aka. The bullet
Tyrie aka. Face                       (it's the legs)                            (Now you see him...)
(think the A Team)


The smiles of success!