My Job Search Journey

Arran Williams, July 1, 2015

First thing's first, my name is Arran and I am the newest member of the Jobsgopublic Marketing team.

The road of job seeking can be a long one, I know having been there not too long ago. However it definitely helps when you can get some advice along the way.

So in an attempt to help you, here is my story.


graduation | jobsgopublic Having studied Marketing Communications and Public Relations for 3 years, the time had come for graduation. All the hard work and late night library sessions had come down to this.

As I collected my certificate I felt both a sense of pride and the reality that university had finally come to an end. It was time to face the music and throw myself into the real world! #ScaryTimes.

Utilising my previous retail experience I was extremely fortunate to have a job to go straight into at a popular toy store as soon as I left Uni. This was a great opportunity but my heart and passion lay elsewhere, specifically marketing and all things social media.

I knew that if I didn’t start actively looking straight away, I would get too comfortable in my role and settle for something other than what I had studied so long for.

So I decided it was time to take action.

This set me on the long path that led me here.


application | jobsgopublicAs a lot of people know, applying for a new job can be tough. The application process can feel like a job in itself! So juggling full-time work combined with searching (as well as keeping this top secret from my employer) proved to be a very tiring process.

However, I was determined and motivated to get to where I wanted to be!

I started to actively look just after Christmas, as I said before I was working in a toy retailer and we were VERY busy over that period.

It was important for me to get into a role where I could feel passionate about whilst also having fun and learning at the same time. This made me really research and investigate the companies that I was applying for - this also doubles up as great interview knowledge!

Utilising social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can give you a great insight into the companies you are researching, such as the culture as well as building relationships with your future employer. I found this a great help whilst searching.

I eventually found a vacancy within the Marketing team at Jobsgopublic. Having seen and read through what had felt like hundreds of jobs adverts, a lot of which lacked valuable description and detail, this one had clarity and showed all the right information, which was both refreshing and simple.

Jobsgopublic time

advice | jobsgopublicThe role seemed perfect for what I was looking for and I could not miss my chance to apply straight away, as I said I don’t like to back down when an opportunity comes knocking!

After receiving the email that I had made it to the interview stage (and doing a little happy dance), I was ready to give it my all.

Prepare, prepare, prepare! If there were only one piece of advice I could give you it would be this. Being able to go into the interview with knowledge of the company gave me the confidence to put my nerves aside and just go for it!

Also just don’t forget to be yourself; although your future employer will want to know how well you will do your job, they also want to know how well you will fit in with the team so this is really important.

1 task and 2 interviews later here I am writing this blog post from the desk of my dream job.

The main thing I learnt from my time from graduating, to my first professional office job is that although things may not happen when you want or have planned for, with determination and motivation they eventually will.

To stay motivated I made sure that I had a good balance of job hunting whilst also making time for the things I love - this can be as simple as hanging out with friends and family.

Here are my top 5 tips keep on the right track when job hunting after graduating:

1. Find ways to stay motivated- losing motivation can lower your drive to succeed.
2. Make a plan about what matters to you.
3. As long as you are working to your plan, you are continually moving forward.
4. Stay positive and optimistic. Positivity breeds more positivity.
5. Don't be shy of asking for help. There's nothing more flattering to most people than being asked for their advice or opinion.

I hope that my story helps you on your own journey. Be sure to leave any comments and tips of your own job search and what’s helped/helping you along the way! Also tweet us @jobsgoadvice to share your experiences.

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