Prime Minister vacancy – the aftermath

AnnieM, May 21, 2010

We had an overwhelming response to our Prime Minister vacancy. Over 250 of you applied for the role, with over 32,000 views to the job advert. Some applicants cited heads of state for their references and one candidate said they’d ‘love the opportunity to shroud the UK in a fireball of endless suffocation of bureaucracy’. Another believed they met the ‘easy to impersonate’ criteria because they were often ‘mimicked by younger brother during personal attacks’. One candidate even cited undergoing ‘day surgery to remove an olive tree from nasal cavity’ as a reason for their one day sickness absence.

Within days of the vacancy going live, the national press took up the story as news of the vacancy rode the internet waves with gusto. Even the Russian media picked up on the story when a Russian radio station ran a live feature about our exclusive vacancy.

Those of you who submitted complete application forms should have received a ‘closing’ email, thanking you for your interest in the role and explaining that the role was in fact offered to two candidates – Cameron and Clegg – due to the demanding nature of the position.

It’s a shame we weren’t able to offer some of you the job instead – we clearly have a very talented candidate base with excellent business and social contacts and we at Jobsgopublic reckon some of you could do a much better job than any politician, any day!

Until next time,

The Jobsgopublic team.