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Sam Wilson, August 16, 2014

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By offering help and support to families, family outreach workers play a pivotal role in ensuring children have the best possible outcome in life. It is a hugely varied and challenging role that may not be able to offer massive pay packets, but makes up for that with its fulfilling nature.


A family outreach worker should expect a varied workload on a day-to-day basis. The role involves working closely with a range of professionals, in order to help families by giving them the support and information they need. Families would firstly be assigned to an outreach worker by a social worker and have any issues identified. Then, by regularly working and communicating with the family, they would aim to help families be able to provide for themselves.

What Makes It So Rewarding?

Mary* is currently employed as an outreach worker, and believes that the most rewarding aspect of the role is:

‘Seeing the progress families you are working with make and playing a small part in parents being able to provide better outcomes for their children.’

Evidently this is a profession where building a relationship with clients is absolutely key - both to be a success in the role and also to get as much out of the career as possible.

Skills Required

Mary identifies communication as a key facet of the role:

‘You need to be able to communicate effectively and think on your feet… it’s also important to be a good listener and be able to form relationships with families and other professionals’.

Salary & Entry Requirements

Outreach workers can expect to earn a starting salary of £18,000, which may rise to £35,000 as more experience and responsibilities are accrued. In terms of entry requirements, to enter the field you would need to have already gained some experience in related areas - for example in children’s homes, nurseries or family refuge centres. A level three qualification in areas such as Social Work, Childcare or Counselling would also be a prequisite for a career as an outreach worker.

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