15 things to remember on your 1st day

Sam Wilson, January 22, 2015

So here you are! The first day of your new job. As part of our 15th anniversary celebrations here's our checklist of 15 things to remember in order to make a great first impression.

Eat breakfastCereal | Jobsgopublic

It’s the most important meal of the day, make sure your 1st day gets off to the right start.

Have your route planned

Tardiness is never encouraged but on your 1st day it really doesn’t look good! A test run of your route will never hurt and it will mean you will feel less stressed about the journey on the day.

Dress smart but comfortable

You want to make the best possible impression on your 1st day but also don’t know what you’ll be doing. Research the dress code and go smart but make sure you’ll be comfortable whether moving around all day or sat in one place.

Take a notepad

It is likely that you will be bombarded with information, some of it useful and some you will never use. Take a notepad so you can jot down all the important information.

Ask questionsQuestions | Jobsgopublic

No one will judge you on asking questions on your 1st day. It will look worse if you pretend to have understood everything but then make mistakes.


The best impression you can make on your 1st day is as a friendly person that your new colleagues will be looking forward to working with. So smile, lots!

Write down names

It is likely that you will be introduced to a lot of people on your 1st day and
it’s incredibly difficult to keep track. Write peoples’ names down and, if you can, make a table plan. This will make it much easier to keep track.

Get some fresh air

Your 1st day is likely to be quite overwhelming. If you get a chance to get outside and get some fresh air this can do a lot to clear your mind and make the rest of the day more manageable.

Get a good night’s sleepSleep | Jobsgopublci

You want to be full of energy on your 1st day. Get an early night to ensure that you’re not yawning through your induction.

Remember your boss’s name

There aren’t many more embarrassing situations than arriving on your 1st day and realising that you’ve completely forgotten your boss’s name. Find a previous email and arrive prepared.

Keep busy

You don’t want to be seen to be sitting around doing nothing on your 1st day. Show that you’re keen to get involved, find things to do and help your new colleagues. A failsafe is to spend time looking through the company website.

Do a tea runtea not war

Once you find out where everything is, do a tea and coffee run. Everyone else will have been avoiding it so it will be a good way to make a good 1st impression.

Turn your phone off

The best way to make a bad impression is to spend the whole of your 1st day checking your phone. Turn it off, put it away and show that they have your full attention.

Delay your cigarette breaks

Of course if you are offered the opportunity to go out for a cigarette then by all means take it. If not, then just for this one day resist the temptation to ask.


Your 1st day can be quite intimidating and daunting prospect but relax! Your new employer has chosen you because you were the candidate they wanted. Relax and enjoy the start of what will hopefully be a long and prosperous time with this organisation.