Enjoy your job more with these 7 easy steps!

Arran Williams, May 4, 2017

We all have a moan about work from time to time. Amongst friends or family it can be incredibly therapeutic to get any frustrations or stresses you may have off your chest and give a clearer perspective on what needs to be done.

It is, however, important to establish the difference between venting some frustrations about a job that you actually enjoy and moaning about a job that you hate. One can be a productive tool in helping you tackle your challenges, the other can be an indication of a growing unhappiness that isn’t helping anyone.

If you are unhappy at work it’s essential that you establish exactly what it is that you don’t enjoy and address it. If it is the job itself then it’s time to start looking for something else, unhappiness at work can have a devastating impact on your productivity and happiness outside of work.

If it isn’t actually the job itself that’s making you unhappy then it is likely the key to improving your situation is in your own hands. A few simple steps could lead to you becoming a much happier employee.

We have put together some tips to help you achieve happiness with a few simple changes to your day.

Keep your work space tidy

6355837859747064901496125971_UOpp2diThere’s that good old saying, “tidy home, tidy mind”.

Well we say tidy desk, tidy mind. If you are a bit of a hoarder, then it could be time to declutter your space.

Having a clear out can give you a new lease of energy and motivation not only making you feel happier but increasing your work rate. Win win!

Do something fun on your lunch

Spend lunch doing something that gets you out of work mode. Take time away from your desk and unwind for a bit. Taking a stroll to get some fresh air or simply finding a quiet area to read a book will help you take your mind off of your busy day and can hugely increase your productivity in the afternoon.

Going to lunch with other colleagues is also a great way to boost your morale.

Set goals for the day

Increasing your sense of achievement can have a huge impact on your happiness at work.

Write down a to do list everyday. This will not only make you feel more organised but will give you that satisfying feeling of ticking off the things that you’ve completed!

Remember that it’s important to make sure that you keep your goals realistic within the time frame that you have to avoid disappointment.

Come up with new ideas

200Exercise your creativity by coming up with new ideas that you can help to implement into the workplace. If you feel as thought there are things that you can improve on, be bold (but polite) and present them to your boss.

This demonstrates your willingness to make positive changes and can ultimately make you a happier employee. If your ideas take off, this can be a great confidence boost that can add a new lease of life into your job.

Be hands on

If you have spare time, get involved with things that are not necessarily within your job description. Learning new skills can help to keep your days less monotonous and can also show you supervisor that you are ambitious.

For some jobs this can be a great way to get promoted as it is a key skill that is favoured by many employers.

Help out new co-workers

We all remember what it felt like to be the new guy/girl in the office. We also all remember how much we appreciated those that helped us out during those uncertain first days,

How about helping a newbie out, making sure that they’re happy and know what’s going on.

Helping can really boost your morale as well as helps you to refresh yourself of some of the skills or things that you have learnt in the work place.

Laugh more!

laughMake sure you have a laugh!

Laughing and smiling are sure fire ways to enjoy your job more. Surveys have proven that people who smile and laugh more are more engaged with their work and are more enthusiastic with tasks and jobs that they do.

So next time you’re in the office how about cracking a joke or two?

With a few simple steps, your experience at work can be transformed. Gone will be the days of endless moaning and you may even find yourself going home genuinely looking forward to the next working day.

Got any other tips that work for you? Let us know.