8 Stages of Secret Santa

Arran Williams, December 7, 2015

Christmas songs are everywhere and the smell of mince pies is in the air! It’s Chrisssstmmmmmasss! Meaning that it’s time for Secret Santa in your office.

Although Secret Santa is a fun way for everyone to get involved and share the spirit of Christmas, we understand the struggle we go through after we’ve picked a colleague!
Let’s take a fun look at the 8 stages of Secret Santa that we can all relate too!

1. Picking a name – Please let it be someone I actually like!


2.Trying to do the sneaky switch – No one likes a poor team player, shame on you!


3.What to buy? Where do I start?


4.Last minute! – You’ve left it last minute and now your getting caught up the crazy Christmas crowds.


5.You’ve finally found the perfect gift!


6.It's the big day but now the fear is setting in.


7.You receive a weird gift first and you're thinking "what is this?"


8.They love it! ( or so they tell your face )



A few top tips

• Don’t know the person too well? Ask someone in the office who may know him or her a bit better. They should be able to give you some good suggestions.
• Remember, there is set budget so don’t feel the need to go out and impress too much! However, don’t be the stingy one making you the talk of the Christmas party for all of the WRONG reasons.
• Don’t be offensive! What might be funny to you might not be for the person on the receiving end.
• You might not be the best wrapper in the world but at least make an effort.
• When in doubt get chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate!


Merry Christmas everyone!