A letter from the Prime Minister

AnnieM, August 3, 2010

In an attempt to soften the blow as the cuts axe falls over the public sector, Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Nick Clegg have written a joint letter to cabinet ministers in an attempt to raise morale within Government departments.

The letter, which reminds ministers of the need for ‘deficit reduction’ comes amidst tense discussions around the Spending Review.

It mentions reversing ‘decades of over-centralisation’ and giving control back to ‘individuals, families and communities’. Crucially, the letter warns that tough decisions would need to be made as part of the Spending Review but these would be necessary ‘to equip Britain for long-term success’.

The letter finishes:  “This is the purpose of our government in one sentence: putting power in the hands of communities and individuals and equipping Britain for long-term success. Over the course of the Spending Review we need you to ensure that this purpose is felt across your departments. Whatever the options on the table, whatever the decision to be made, the same questions must be asked: will it put more power in people's hands?”

Government departments will no doubt be bracing themselves for these ‘necessary’ cuts, even if it is under the guise of ‘reform’. Going hand in hand with these cuts is the announcement that nearly three hundred advertising and marketing jobs at the Central Office of Information (COI) are to be slashed as part of the Government’s efficiency drive.  Expect more such announcements as the Spending Review gets under way.

Alternatively, ignore all this doom and gloom and get straight down the job hunting business.