An Introduction to Twitter

James, November 6, 2012

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Social media is huge, it is undeniable. This week at Jobsgopublic we are having a look at Twitter, how to sign up, what all the jargon actually means and finally how it can help in the search for a new job.
The posts will be in three parts, split throughout the week, first up is our introduction to the basics of Twitter.

So what is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media tool which allows you to connect with your friends, family and contacts via the internet by posting messages on the Twitter platform. What makes Twitter unique is that your messages may only be 140 characters or less in length.

These messages or ‘tweets’ are posted to your profile, and can be viewed by your ‘followers’.

How do I get a Twitter account?

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The good news is you don’t have to be an IT wizard to set up a Twitter account. In fact setting up an account is relatively straightforward; you just need to go to the account sign-up link on the Twitter home page.

You will be asked to provide the following:

Your full name & an email address

Make sure you use and email address which you actively use, this is because when you sign up for a Twitter account your confirmation email will be sent to this address. Included in this email will be a link which you will need to click on to complete your account set up.Password & Username

Your username is probably the most important thing you have to think about at this stage. Twitter suggests names you may want to use when you sign up. A username must be fewer than 15 characters, so it’s probably best to choose something short so people can easily remember it.

To follow or not to follow

Follow Us | JobsgopublicOne of the first things you will want to do is to ‘follow’ someone, @Jobsgopublic for example!!! This means you will see that person or companies’ tweets on your homepage.
You can search for people by their name or their user name. You can also import friends from other networks you are a member of and even invite friends to join via email.
Twitter suggests people for you to follow when you sign up which makes it easier for newcomers.

You can always 'unfollow' someone, so it’s not a permanent thing.

You can see who is following you by clicking on the ‘followers’ button, likewise you can see and who you are following by clicking on the ’following’ button.

So what now?

You don’t need to be a Stephen Fry to get a big following on Twitter; in fact you may find that you pick up followers faster than you think. The key is to tweet as often as you can, the more you tweet the more likely you are to pick up new followers.

Twitter is not just about having fun, it can also be a way of making contact with people in your field of expertise and people with similar interests or hobbies, in fact it can even land you a job. Plenty of organisations post their vacancies on Twitter. Twitter can be used as a great self-promotional tool if used in the right way.

Once you are up and running it really doesn't take long to get into Twitter, soon you will be tweeting like a pro. Happy Tweeting.

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Confused by any of the terms in this post? Stay tuned to the blog for our Twitter Dictionary, and soon you will know your hashtags from your handles.