Are you Linkedin? What’s the difference?

admin, July 17, 2008

Yes it is true that social networking has burst onto the scene, and this has resulted in a plethoria of requests from friends, family and vague acquaintances to join their social networks. Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Ning, Refriendz - if social networking invitations are clogging up your inbox it's time to get strategic.

From a candidate recruitment perspective I think LinkedIn has a lot to offer. For the uninitiated, consider your LinkedIn profile a much more modern 'online CV'. You can get endorsements from your peers and ex-colleagues, give endorsements where you see fit, and without the back door tactics of old.

Linkedin is better termed your 'business network', you won't get bombarded with application requests, tagged photos, or bitten by a vampire, nor is it accepted nor appreciated to send any unsolicited emails.  But when it comes to improving your job search, you can definitely get strategic.

You've applied for a position at a local authority, interview is fast approaching, doing your homework is all about being prepared.  Find people who are currently working there, a little feature they're soon to add include business profiles, you can view people who've been hired and promoted, related companies, career paths and key statistics.  When this feature comes out it will be a valuable tool for jobseekers who are at the research stage of a company or organisation.  I've also written a previous post on 'What to do at the interview stage'.