How to become Employee of the Month

Sam Wilson, November 7, 2014

Employee of the Month | Jobsgopublic
Whether this award is created as a serious competition or just for a bit of fun, earning the title of employee of the month can significantly boost both your motivation and your prospects. It serves as recognition for your efforts to impress and encourages your boss to acknowledge your talents and perhaps even consider you for a promotion. So what characteristics can help you to become employee of the month?


Be a good representative for the company by providing an excellent service to your clients/customers and promote it tactfully whenever you can in social situations. Never make negative comments about the business, whether this is to fellow colleagues or online, as badmouthing never stays unnoticed for long. Know your company’s key values as well as their overall mission and make sure your actions conform.


Go above and beyond what is expected of you in order to show your dedication. This can involve starting early or leaving late, taking on more projects and ensuring you’re completing all aspects of your role to the best of your ability. However, be careful not to get in over your head, only taking on extra work that you can both handle and is worth putting the extra effort in for.


Small efforts can have a significant impact on your chances of winning this coveted award. This includes always turning up to work on time, no sick days (if you can help it!) and meeting all of your deadlines. By proving you’re reliable, you will be recognised for your dependable nature and your boss will entrust you with important tasks as they can be sure of you doing a good job of it.

Team player

Make an effort to get on with your colleagues and be sure to offer your services if they need help with anything. Communicate with your co-workers and if there is a problem make sure you handle it professionally by talking it through with those concerned. Be supportive by congratulating winners of the award as jealousy is an unattractive quality. Extend your courtesies to everyone, from the porter to your MD.

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