big earners go live

AnnieM, June 1, 2010

Whitehall have today released into the public domain the top earners from within the public sector. The salaries, ranging from a modest 100k to £280k per annum - with some civil servants earning 30k  for 30 days work per year - were published in an attempt to create a culture of ‘transparency’ within Central Government. Smashing the top of the high earner charts was John Fingleton, Office of Fair Trading who earns a mere £279,999 per year,  David Nicholson, NHS who earns £259,999 and Joe Harley, Department for Work and Pensions who earns £249,999.

According to the BBC, nearly thirty of the high earners worked at the Ministry of Defence and who earned over £150k.

Since the list went live (and the website which published them duly crashed due to high demand), Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable called for ‘more discipline’ in salary rises for the big earners.

For the rest of us, working for significantly less salaries, it will be interesting to see how this new transparency initiative develops in time and whether it could, inadvertently, do more harm than good.