Boosting your confidence

Sam Wilson, August 6, 2014

Boosting Your Confidence | Jobsgopublic
Whether you’re on the job hunt or employed, self-confidence is hugely important for your career. Whilst it might come to some people naturally, unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. But don’t despair, because there are loads of ways to boost your confidence.

Dress Sharp

By making an extra effort to dress well you will be amazed at the wonders it does for your self-esteem: especially if someone is kind enough to give you a compliment. Whether it’s a swanky pair of shoes or a fancy shirt, looking good makes you feel good, therefore start believing in yourself and others will soon follow.

Educate Yourself

To help you to feel more confident about your abilities, prove yourself in interviews by developing your industry knowledge. Keep up to date with industry news by reading relevant publications, follow the appropriate people on Twitter and LinkedIn and research subjects related to your sector.

Note Down Your Strengths

If you’re ever wondering where your strengths lie, or why someone would want to employ you, try taking some time to write down the things that you’re good at. Whether you’re a good footballer, a dab hand at painting or a great writer, having a visible list of your strengths will do wonders for your self-confidence.

Get Feedback

Receiving positive feedback is one of the best ways to recover if your confidence has recently taken a knock. It might come in the form of praise from your boss, your lecturers or even friends and family. Whatever the source, it’s near-enough guaranteed to give you a warm, fuzzy glow inside.

Why a confident you will lead to a successful you:

• You’re likely to set higher targets for yourself, because you believe that you can achieve them. As a result, you’re going to work harder and more productively in order to hit these targets.

• You will have the ability to say no. By not always taking on extra work and obligations you can be sure that your workload is right for you - not for whoever is lumbering you with all this extra work.

• You will not be afraid to speak out with any ideas or suggestions, making you more valued around the workplace for your willingness to get involved and contribute.

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