Why choose West Berkshire Council for Social Work?

Sam Wilson, October 25, 2016

West Berkshire Council is determined to set new standards in social care service delivery. Well aware that this is only possible with a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, the council have set out to make West Berkshire the very best place to pursue your social work career.

A friendly working environment is combined with an incredible benefits package to make them an employer of choice in the sector. Those joining will be set up to succeed, supported by a ‘hands-on’ senior management team.

“It's a really supportive team and we all help each other; no-one is left to struggle on their own.  We really do have good management support and senior managers who are really interested in good practice and our cases.”
Kim Gibson, Social Worker  

West Berkshire is committed to developing social workers of all levels. This begins with a Social Work Academy for newly qualified social workers, to helping more experienced take their first steps into management. West Berkshire want to see people grow and develop within the council, providing a clear pathway for progression. Their retention levels are incredibly impressive, with many choosing to develop their careers there rather than opting to move on elsewhere.

“There is a great focus on career development here, and I've had management support and encouragement as I moved from social worker, to senior social worker to my present role.  We have access to good training opportunities above and beyond statutory training”
Clare Fox, Assistant Team Manager

The benefits package on offer at West Berkshire Council is unlike any other. A host of learning and development opportunities better equip their people to do their very best work and flexible working allows people to tailor their working patterns to their individual situations. Loyalty is well rewarded with those that serve the council for over three years receiving a £15,000 retention bonus and three months of paid sabbatical leave.

A relocation package of up to £8,000, depending on the role, is also on offer. This, on top of the fact that West Berkshire is a fantastic place to live and work, makes the choice to make this your new home even easier.

“We're excited about our new retention package which makes us feel very valued. West Berkshire is a lovely area to work in.  Our team is based in Newbury, an old market town, five minutes from a lunch-time look around the shops, and these things do add to your enjoyment of your work!”
Natalie Morgan, Assistant Team Manager

Those that have already chosen West Berkshire have done so because it is a place in which their professional and personal lives can truly flourish. They are supported and rewarded in their work. They are given the chance to develop and grow and they are in an environment where they feel genuinely valued.

To view the current vacancies and begin your journey with West Berkshire Council, click here.