Christmas Party Blunders – Part 3

Sam Wilson, December 9, 2014

So it’s that time of year again, the trees have gone up, some people in the office have covered their desk in tinsel and you’re starting to get sick of certain songs already…yes, Christmas time is officially upon us.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without us continuing our journey through the many (many) potential blunders you could make at your Christmas party, most are guaranteed to create an unbearable atmosphere in the office which is simply not the way to begin the new year.

Here are a few of our top tips.

Get involved!

Xmas party | JobsgopublicMost articles of this type will be full of “don’t do this” and “don’t do that” and we have some to come but I thought I’d start with a ‘do’.

It may put you out of your comfort zone but try and get involved with your Christmas party, whether it be an activity, a fancy dress theme or simply attending at all.

Christmas parties are a great way to form a bond with your co-workers which can not only help make your working life more enjoyable but also lead to lasting friendships that extend beyond the office. Take some time away from your desk to get to know those around you and enjoy yourself, it may well lead to next year being a lot more fun.

Pace yourself

Drunk | jobsgopublicI’m not going to sit here and say that you don’t deserve a few drinks at your Christmas party this year. If you’re that way inclined then by all means take the opportunity to raise a toast to the end of year festivities and let your hair down.

What I will say is that it might be a good idea to take it easy, tequila shots at 10am might seem like a good idea at the time however I would hazard a guess that your colleagues might not appreciate having to carry you home because no taxi will take you or trying to wake you up when you’ve fallen asleep in the bar you’re in.

This is especially true if you have an all-day event, take your time and ensure that a day to remember doesn’t turn into one you can’t remember or would rather forget.

Keep your opinions in check

Debate | JobsgopublicMany of us like a good debate, whether it’s at the pub with your friends or amongst a particular group you’re part of. We all have strong opinions about certain topics and enjoy expressing them.

The office Christmas party is not necessarily the place to be discussing certain topics that might get you riled up, this could include politics or religion and other similar topics. You may have some very good reasons for feeling as passionate as you do about these topics however some of your colleagues may not be privy to this information and may either feel very differently or be offended by your opinions.

Avoid some potentially embarrassing post–Christmas encounters by steering clear of any emotionally charged debates, just for one night. However strongly you feel, you’re unlikely to change anyone’s mind and could easily end up burning some bridges. Keep it light for tonight.

Steer clear of social media

At the time it might just seem like a bit of harmless fun, putting a few drunken photos with your colleagues in various states up on Facebook. It’s been a great night and you’re all best mates now, so you tag all your photos confident that it’ll be a source of further hilarity when you’re all back in the office.

Be very wary of this, as much as you feel that you all get on now you don’t necessarily know how people feel about having photos of this type on the Internet. Certain people have people in their networks, business contacts or family members, who they wouldn’t necessarily want to see pictures of them in a let’s say ‘less reserved’ state.

Basically certain colleagues might not appreciate photos of them after a few drinks appearing on the Internet so better not to risk it. Leave Facebook alone for one night, keep clear of Instagram and try not to tweet. Better not to risk it.

Be grateful

Moaning | JobsgopublicFor those lucky enough, the Christmas party may well include being treated to certain things on the company credit card. This might include drinks, dinner or maybe certain activities.

You might feel that this is the least you deserve after all the work you’ve put in this year but be very careful with this kind of attitude. Remember that your salary is your reward for all the work you put in, whether you feel that your salary properly reflects the work you put in is another matter (for another day) and anything paid for by the company as part of your Christmas is an extra reward.

Be grateful for what you get, complaining because the free stuff has run out or moaning that you don’t think you got enough will do you absolutely no favours whatsoever.

Christmas is the time to celebrate the year you’ve had and look ahead to the next one. Have fun and enjoy yourself, just take some care and ensure that it ends the year well and starts the new one even better.

Merry Christmas!