Come Back to Social Work

Arran Williams, September 6, 2016

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Social work is a profession unlike any other.

While stories of challenges and struggle are easily found, you don't have to look far to hear heart-warming tales of the difference made by dedicated professionals to the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.

From speaking directly with candidates, it becomes increasingly clear that social work attracts people with very particular characteristics: social workers are dedicated, hard working and empathetic. This makes it incredibly common for those who have left the profession to be drawn back into it, as other occupations rarely offer the same levels of satisfaction and reward.

Those looking to return to social work will often find themselves unsure of where to start. Re-registration with the HCPC requires specific training that often comes at significant cost.

Jobsgopublic have partnered with the Department of Health (DH), Department of Education (DfE) and Local Government Association (LGA) to launch a brand new initiative – ‘Come Back to Social Work’.

The scheme aims to tackle a national shortage of experienced social workers. It offers a free 13-week refresher programme to those who have been out of the sector for less than five years. On finishing the programme, participants should be ready to re-register with the HCPC as social workers and return to practice.

The aim of the programme is to offer experienced former social workers a clear route back into to the profession - allowing them to get back to making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people.

To find out more and apply for the scheme, visit