Crunch Time – New Audit Commission Report

admin, December 22, 2008

Quite a name for the latest Audit Commission Report, 'Crunch Time' released December 2008 gives us insight into some of the trends and issues facing local authorites now, and potentially over the next 2 years.

Download: Audit Commission Report - Crunch Time

The report also places emphasis on local authorities to not only 'balance the books', but to take a proactive role in their ability to provide stability to their areas as a whole. Identified as a longer-term challenge, the local authorities role to promote economic development through their role in strategic partnership, planning and development control powers.

More recently, central government laid out its expectations for local authorities within the CLG Framework for Regeneration.  The government expects that local authorities will:

'Lead the delivery of economic development, and physical and social regeneration in their areas, marshalling the input of all partners within the priorities set out in this framework, and shaping and playing a role in delivering regional strategies.'

Alongside the original report of the Tackling Worklessness Review, central government envisage a bigger role for local authorities in addressing worklessness.

Download: Audit Commission Report - Crunch Time