Cyclescheme in full action at Jobsgopublic

admin, July 10, 2008

Jobsgopublic not so long ago joined up to the cyclescheme, this is where you can get a tax free bike through the independent bike shops. It's run in strict accordance to the government's green travel plan and confirms to the requirements of the HMRC, OFT and DfT.

Anyway, we've had a few keen signups (Dan, Phil and myself included) to get started and there's been ripples of excitement as we've planned our bikes, and of course the all important stylish helmet to ensure you look like a true cyclist.

Wednesday the 9th of July was the inaugural 'outing' of my bike for it's first road run. As you may or may not know, yesterday London also hosted a monsoon, and some seriously hideous weather. However, nothing deterred me at 7.45am and I started my ride with the guidance of one of the co-founders of Jobsgopublic (thanks David) who is also a keen cyclist and lives not too far away. My ride to work, as well as becoming slightly wet, was also very much a tourist ride as I was introduced to many gorgeous landmarks around London's south embankment from a completely different angle.

This didn't deter me from my ride home, and I didn't even notice the horizontal rain as I left Back Church Lane. What did worry me slightly was the fact that I was so distracted by my tourist ride in the morning, I actually hadn't remembered enough of the landmarks to get myself home. Undeterred by this minor mapping issue, I launched myself into the lashing rain.

Anyway to cut my long story short, I made it in one piece, and have successfully conquered London by bike. I had a few dead ends, found a few steps I'm sure weren't there on my ride to work, and again had a little assistance in finding my way home (David found me at some random intersection and guided me home, talk about luck!) . What I would like to say, is that this scheme is fantastic! It's a great way to support employees to get active, and afford a bike without the initial outlay. I'm paying about £25 a month out of my gross pay and I'm not even going to notice that!

I also found a cool website that allowed me to 'map my ride' to work and work out distance, so check it out and see if the cyclescheme is something your company would be interested in supporting. 9.74 miles to work isn't a bad effort (and I did it twice), but I've given my poor newly found muscles a much needed rest today and will prepare them for a battering next week.

Ooh and a reminder we have a current vacancy for a Scrum Project Manager, check out the post 'Desperately Seeking...' from yesterday for more information.