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admin, January 27, 2009

An article on the BBC website today confirmed that a Monster security breach had indeed occurred to their internal database.

Read Monster's response on their website

We've previously blogged about Job Board Security in December 2007, that time the hackers had managed to access the 'back end' of their system.  This time it seems they managed to illegally access certain contact and account data "including Monster users IDs and passwords, email addresses, names, telephone numbers and some basic demographic data".

The information that was accessed this time does not include their online CV and resume database.

Obviously a breach of this magnitude sends shockwaves through the online jobs board market.  We at Jobsgopublic are constantly reviewing and testing our security, but again to explicitly detail our security arrangements would be to hand our platform to the hackers.  However we would still like to advise our jobseekers to be aware of phishing emails requesting specifically your login details or any other type of information.

Participants in Noras 2008 noted that jobseekers use on average 5 recruitment sites when looking for a job, making it vitally important candidates change their passwords and amend their account details if they believe a security breach has taken place on their Monster account.

We provided some valuable links in our last blog post regarding security, however I am including them in here to ensure as an internet user, you are well informed on phishing and website security.

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