Election 2010: live updates

AnnieM, May 7, 2010

We’re surely on the homeward bound now in terms of election counts being finalised, but we’re still no nearer to accurately predicting the outcome.

It was a tense start to the election with the exit polls predicting a hung parliament with a slight Conservative majority. But within an hour or so, reported counts announced Tory victories and it looked as if it would be a Conservative majority with little or no likelihood of a hung parliament. It all changed minutes later with Conservatives losing some seats on their ‘target list’ and then it changed again. It feels very much like a frantically-swinging pendulum that gathers momentum and then loses it and stops all together.

Perhaps the biggest story so far is the vote scandal which saw hundreds and hundreds of dedicated voters unable to vote in their various constituencies. Voters queuing outside polling stations near to 10pm in York, Manchester, Hackney, Ealing, Sheffield, Chester and many more were turned away and refused their democratic right to vote. The excuses were numerous: if it wasn’t that the voters had arrived too late and all polling stations had to close for the count at 10pm sharp, then it was the shortage of ballot papers that had run out, or it was the out-of-date voting register that didn’t have the latest voter details. Police were called in to many areas to try and disperse 'angry' situations and in Glasgow one tweeter reported that fights were breaking out. Whether it was a question of bad planning from the authorities or disorganisation, or even a conspiracy theory (indeed, one area with record number of voters who had been turned away was in a safe Clegg area) it will be the scandal of the decade.

We may have scoffed and snorted with disgust at the scandal that rocked US politics all those years ago when Bush was elected (remember Florida?) but now the shoe is indeed on the other foot. It remains to be seen if these scandals will be challenged after the event.

But enough of that. Let’s get down to business.

Total seats, as of 03:15 May 07th 2010

Seats             Party

89                   Labour

87                   Conservative

13                   Liberal Democrats

23                   Others

Next update: in a few hours (if I’m still awake...)