Election 2010

AnnieM, May 4, 2010

In just under 72 hours, Britain will be governed by a shiny new parliament. We at Jobsgopublic are very excited at the prospect of change and what it may mean – although it has to be said that whoever wins this election will have tough decisions to make regarding public sector cuts. It won’t be easy, and there are already speculations that the new government will not be re-elected for some time (an entire generation!) as the memory of the cuts will undoubtedly alienate the masses.

Yet however you look at it, Thursday will be a chance to make British history. If it’s a hung parliament - as the polls indicate - it will mean a coalition between two parties. And the parties forming a coalition will depend on how willing the Conservative or Liberal Democrats are to cooperate with Gordon Brown and his government. If a hung parliament is declared, regardless on how Labour do, Brown as current Prime Minister is entitled to attempt to form a coalition with either party, depending on their acceptance. Clegg has already made it clear that he will not form an alliance with Labour if they come third in the election.

So, on Thursday, if you’re planning to stay up to watch the election events unfold – as I am – you may be interested to know that I will be tweeting election results as they come in throughout the night (and well into the early hours of the morning!). Even if you’re not planning to stay up, make sure you follow my tweets to keep up-to-date with the election news. You can follow them even if you don’t have a Twitter account. I’ll also be blogging the latest results at various points, so stay tuned for the very latest election updates!

And as always, please feel free to comment on the blog, or even respond to my tweets on Twitter. This election has already felt the power of social media (for the good and for the bad!) and on Thursday this will surely come to a head (let’s hope there are no system failures or crashes, though!).  So join me ‘getting social’ for the 2010 General Election.