Experiences of social housing – an active tenant’s view

Arran Williams, November 12, 2014

Thank you to Bridget Orman who is a tenant of Adur and Worthing District Council, for letting us share her story for #HousingDay 2014.

Bridget is as an active tenant of Adur and Worthing District Council; her story shows a great example of the excellent work tenants can do to contribute to the housing community.

"I am a tenant of Adur District Council in West Sussex and have been an active member of my local community in Southwick for many years.

Here in our area, I am the Chairperson of our residents association and we work towards resolving issues that concern the area in which we live. The residents association puts together a newsletter to keep the residents informed on what is happening in the street.

We have regular estate walkabouts around our estate with council staff and two representatives from the area, who take note of repairs and other issues that need attention.

We also have a neighbourhood watch scheme, where a resident member delivers a regular newsletter to keep the whole street informed on crime and vandalism that has occurred in the Southwick/Shoreham areas.

We hold regular raffles to encourage residents to become more involved with the community and we have held fun days, including Easter Egg hunts and Christmas parties for the local children.

I am also Secretary of the district wide group that represents Adur Council tenants and leaseholders, known as the Adur Consultative Forum (ACF).We meet regularly to discuss current housing issues that affect tenants and leaseholders within Adur.

I am an active member in several other small sub-groups under the umbrella of the ACF. These include being a member of the editorial team that puts together a newsletter for tenants and leaseholders that informs them of things that are going on around the district.

I am on our Tenant Scrutiny Panel which gets together to scrutinize areas within the housing service and we are currently looking at sheltered housing. I also sit on interview panels, alongside council officers to recruit housing staff.

I have found the housing experience enlightening and useful and value tenant involvement greatly."