Fancy a senior-level job in central government?

AnnieM, April 20, 2010

If you have been searching for jobs on our main Jobsgopublic site recently, you may have come across a rather prestigious vacancy for the most senior role in the country. Unlike many senior levels, this vacancy is unusual in that it is open to all candidates.

Why not apply?

Here is your chance to do things your way, if successful. As well as implementing policies, statutes and Bills, you will have the unique opportunity to work closely with Britain’s favourite international partners in the Middle East (Israel, Iraq, Lebanon etc.) as well as the US and parts of Asia. Candidates will be expected to have PR experience (although not essential, as on-the-job training will be offered) and financial management experience is not necessary.  Although you would be one of the most despised people in Britain and you could be subjected to numerous impersonations on Rory Bremner et al, you would benefit from a variety of perks and benefits if recruited:

  • A generous six-figure salary (subject to increase, as required)
  • As many tax-free country estates as needed (can include a duck island and private lake, complete with pedigree mallards, if really desired)
  • VIP tickets to any event, anywhere
  • A live-in team of cooks, valets, personal assistants and make-up artists
  • PLUS: A sturdy Nokia phone (to throw at anyone of your choice), a personal chauffeur, exclusive use of a private jet and a clothing allowance

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure the most important thing you do today is to apply for the position. In politics, anything is possible.

We believe there are people out there who should be 'put forward' for the role, and probably do a better job for the country and from the response's so far, so do you!

We hope you enjoy 'our take' on Running the Country.