When I ‘grow up’…? How to find your perfect career path. Part 2

Sam Wilson, February 3, 2014

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Surprisingly enough your perfect career is not going to fall into your lap. Good things come to those that make the effort.

In this instalment we will be looking at positive steps that you can take which should help you become better informed and in a better position to find your perfect career.

The kid’s got skills.

Applying relevant skills is crucial and often the key to finding the career that will provide enough job satisfaction to get you through. Everyone enjoys being successful, it’s human nature, and subsequently everyone likes knowing that they are good at something. There may be some disappointment in discovering that the areas in which we enjoy success and ability aren’t as glamorous as we might like them to be but this doesn’t prevent them from being a potential source of pride.

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Think about what you’re good at and not exclusively in a professional context, you are most likely to find pleasure in a job if you can combine it with a passion or pleasure from your personal life. Write up a list of skills you have and discuss them with people around you, could be friends, family or there are services that you can use whether face to face or over the phone. Consider how these skills could be used in a professional context and you might be surprised at the results.

Ask me a question.

Every new piece of information you receive will change your perception of your potential choices, some will become significantly less attractive and others will jump out of nowhere and surprise you. Realising that being a lawyer is very rarely like a John Grisham novel was a massive let down for me, a similar disappointment lay in the discovery that ‘Space Cowboy’ isn’t actually ‘a thing’…not yet anyway. It’s not all disappointments though, a childhood love of writing has opened doors for me that I never previously considered and has lead to a great deal of joy and the existence of the words on the page in front of you.

Get as much information as you can, find people who enjoy their job and talk to them about it. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that you really want the answers to. (For example “how did you get into…?” or “what made you decide you wanted to do that?”). Most people will want to help and if they don’t then you don’t want their help anyway.

Different people enjoy their jobs for different reasons and they connect to their jobs in different ways and there will be many that you never considered. If you don’t ask then it’s likely that you’ll never know. Each question you ask will likely change your perspective on things, even if it’s just a little bit and every new bit of information can bring you closer to an answer.

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Stay positive

It’s essential that you approach your search with a positive attitude and this is a lot easier if you have positive people around you. If you are made to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the problems you experience finding a career then you won’t feel comfortable approaching it openly. It’s therefore important to surround yourself with supportive people who you can talk to about your experiences and who will help where they can. The positive impact that this will have will be significant, the better you feel about your search the better the search is likely to be.

Stay Positive | Jobsgopublic

Finding your career needn’t be as complicated as it can often seem. You are pursuing your passion, approach it as such. Put thought and effort in and the rewards will be great.

Next week we have a special guest blog from Rebecca Joy Novell "When I grow up I want to be a Social Worker" which will be out on Monday 10th February.