Hey you!

admin, September 4, 2007

Its been ages since we last had a proper chat! so we've decided to start the conversation by talking about what's happening at jobsgopublic.comOur strap-line 'It's all about the talent' is really a promise to you - the job seeker, the user of jobsgopublic.com services - that we're here to create a community of services for you that grow from one core promise "The biggest and best range of UK public sector jobs online"What kind of service I hear you ask? Well we've got a pretty good idea of the types of services we think you'd like and some more that you probably don't realise you'll like. What we really want is some feedback from you as we develop and test out our ideas, we'd like to start that conversation now.The world of work is changing: job advertising has moved online, and with it the process of applying for jobs. I think we're all pretty used to that idea now, and if not then what are you waiting for? If you look around the corner you can see that finding and applying for jobs online is fast becoming career management online. From your online profile to news and information about an employer, it's all to be found online. What? you don't have an online profile you say?Just think of the millions of people out there that have an eBay rating from buying or selling something on eBay, the millions that express a preference for certain books through their use of Amazon, or holiday preferences through lastminute.com. Many of these people may have been guided in their choices through the comments and feedback from other users of the site; a holiday review here, a book write-up there.Ok, so you may not have an 'official' online career profile yet, but millions of you are slowly creating a virtual image of who you are and what you do. We think its time to harness your digital selves and put them to work for your career.We've begun a re-design of the visual style and structure of jobsgopublic.com. Over the next month we'll be showing you what that looks like and hopefully getting some feedback from you. Next, I'll post some initial shots of the new look and feel.