How to get a Job Promotion

James, August 12, 2013

It doesn’t matter what your job is, if you want a job promotion, the same basic principles apply. It's all about demonstrating to your bosses that you're worth the risk and will be able to cope with the extra responsibilities that come with the promotion. Follow these simple tips and it won't be long before you find yourself quickly ascending the company ladder.

Be Proactive

Proactive | JobsgopublicIt's essential that you go above and beyond what's required of you in your current role. Just doing what's expected of you is fine if all you want to do is keep your job, however, you're never going to progress within the company with this mind set. If you manage to finish your duties for the day before it's time to go home, don't hang around watching the clock, go and ask your boss if there's anything else you can help out with. Not only are you showcasing your willingness to work by doing this, you're also building relationships with the people who decide who gets promoted when a vacancy opens up.

Be on Time

Be Punctual - Job Promotion | Jobsgopublic
This one's a no brainer. Employees who are consistently late for work are never going to be seriously considered for promotion. If you really want to make a good impression why not try and arrive 5 minutes early every day. This small step will gain you valuable brownie points with the boss and will convey the fact that you like your job and can be trusted to be somewhere when you're supposed to be.

Be Talkative

Be Talkative - Job Promotion | Jobsgopublic
Whether it's around the water cooler or in a staff meeting, don't be afraid to talk to your colleagues and bosses. It's the most basic way of building rapport with those around you and will ensure that you become familiar to the decision makers in the company. Even if you can't think of anything meaningful to say, strike up a conversation about the weather. The great thing about talking is once you start a conversation you don't where it's going to end.

Continue your Education

Education | Jobsgopublic
Many people think that once they have secured employment they can forget all about education and learning. This is a huge mistake to make. You should always be on the lookout for courses, books and resources that are relevant to your job. If you can demonstrate to your bosses that you have the appetite to continue learning about your role, you're going to put yourself in a great position for that promotion when it comes along.

Put in an Excellent Application

There are often several stages to the application process for a position within a company and it's crucial that you deliver an application that will stand out from the competition. A glowing reference from your current position can go a long way in persuading the company bosses to give you a shot at the next level, so be sure to get your hands on one or two if you can. If an interview is required for the position, remember to prepare for it thoroughly and remain professional throughout the process, just as you would with any other interview. For our interview tips see here. Now go climb that ladder!Job Promotion | Jobsgopublic