Interview Dress Code – Autumn

Sam Wilson, October 14, 2014

When it comes to interviews, first impressions are everything. What you wear to an interview can have huge implications on the impression you make. It is therefore essential that you give it a lot of thought.

So as we have long since said goodbye to the summer suns what better way to keep those winter blues at a distance than refreshing your wardrobe to match the autumn trends for your upcoming interviews.

Looking and feeling the part can do great things for your confidence which in turn can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Here’s a few ways to keep up with the current trends.

Red Tie | JobsgopublicRed Dress | Jobsgopublic

Autumnal colours

Incorporating the autumnal colours can make the season more interesting. Brown can be a great colour to include in jackets, trousers and skirts for your interview. Certain shades of dark oranges, reds and yellows can also be incorporated and still maintain a professional look.

Beautiful in blue

Blue Suit | JobsgopublicBlue Dress | JobsgopublicBlues may be more commonly associated with the negative side of the fading summer, however this autumn it would appear that we’re going to be seeing blue in a whole new light.

Autumn fashions are steering heavily towards blue and this can be a fantastic addition to your interview attire. It is obviously a colour that can be quite striking so needs to well judged, however it can be a great way to make an impression.

Great in green

Green Suit | JobsgopublicHoundstooth | JobsgopublicAnother colour looking to make a mark on autumn fashion, particularly for men, is green. This may not seem an obvious choice for your interview however the right shade can really work. Darker shades can work particularly well in a professional setting.

60s swinging again

A resurgence of 60s fashion will be a popular theme this autumn and if done carefully, can be incorporated into your interview outfit for extra style points.

Mac | JobsgopublicBlue 60s | JobsgopublicIncorporating a Mod influence into men’s fashion can add extra character in the right situation. Elbow length sleeved dresses, houndstooth coats and classic macs are a great look for women. Combine this style with the emerging popularity of blue and you could be on to a winner.

Get comfortable

As much as looking good is important, it is also essential that you feel comfortable so whatever your outfit may be make sure you’ve worn it before and are comfortable in it.

Wiggins | JobsgopublicBlue 60s | Jobsgopublic

If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes then you will struggle to concentrate fully on the actual interview, there’s no point in looking good if you then don’t follow it up with a good interview.

When deciding what to wear for your interview it is important to consider the company that you’re interviewing with. Some organisations will expect more formal dress whilst others may be more casual. Carry out some research and try and gauge what is most appropriate, if ever in doubt then it is always better to go smart rather than risk being too casual.


Embrace the autumn fashions when it comes to your interview style and give yourself that extra bit of confidence to help you secure the position.