Interview Dress Code – Summer

Arran Williams, August 7, 2015

Beautiful beach and sea
The sun is shining, its sweltering outside and you have an interview coming up!

So far you have researched the company as well as checking out our top tips on how to prepare (a bit of self promotion never harmed anyone.)
However, you are now struggling on what to wear for the all-important day.

Making sure you are dressed appropriately for the season will not only have a huge impact on the first impressions you make but will also significantly boost your confidence.

So don’t fear we’re here to help!

First of all, it is important to point out that dress codes will differ from job to job, so be sure to be clued up on what will be expected in your chosen industry.
For example, a role in accounting may require you to dress more formally as opposed to working in a quirky advertising firm, who may expect less formal attire.

Also, it may seem obvious, but smart casual does not mean wearing a T-shirt and jeans and your favourite pair of trainers (no matter how clean they are!)

With that said let’s take a look at what to wear to an interview for both men and women during this hot season.

Knowing what is in style and being able to apply this to your outfit will maximise your confidence. Being clued up on what is currently trending will allow you to incorporate these into your interview wear.


red-fashionCurrently trending this Summer is the colour red. It is bold, vibrant and will show employers your fun and passionate side. For a more formal interview, we would suggest going for a subtle approach. For men, this can be done simply through a red tie or a pair or socks.

For women, why not throw in some red accessories such as earrings or a watch? For a more formal interview, shoes with a pop of colour can show your fun side and let the interviewer know that there is more to get to know about you.

Floral Patterns

As tempting as it may be we would NOT recommend going full Alfie Moon with this one!

floraltieHowever, adding a touch of floral patterns to your outfit will demonstrate flair and personality and put you in tune with summer fashion.

For men on a formal interview, a floral handkerchief or a tie could be a great addition.


For women, how about adding a lightweight floral scarf to your outfit?

Keeping Cool

As we all know British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. Any day could turn out to be the hottest of the year, so it is essential to keep cool whilst on your way.


With that being said, we would recommend light clothing such as linen that will keep you cool whatever the weather.

Wearing Polo shirts or a button down shirt are also great as you can leave buttons un-done until you arrive. #FreeVentilation linenshirts

Light colours are ideal for the summer season as they are less absorbent of heat. We would recommend avoiding darker colours such as navy blue and black if it is really hot outside.

Also, lighter colours such as pink and white can help to hide those
unsightly underarm sweat patches!


Keeping cool is all about the right fabrics, which means swapping your structured wool blazer for a lightweight and breathable linen.

Lighter colours for the top part of your outfit are a good way to go, however if you are opting for a skirt over trousers, a black pencil skirt is always a winner.vince4541012867_q1_1-0_336x596

It is always a smart idea to wear an outfit that you have worn before or at least tried on properly as it can very obvious to many interviewers when you are fidgeting in your seat because you are uncomfortable.

We would also recommend keeping long hair tied up and applying minimal make up as the introduction of sweat on a hot commuter train can have disastrous effects.

It is obviously important that you look smart and professional, this will be expected, but most importantly you should ensure that you are comfortable before you set off for your interview.
Comfort = Confidence.

Remember if in doubt always go smart.

Good luck!