JGP innovation alive and squealing

DanT, September 18, 2008

Innovative, fast paced and intensifying are the three key words I would use to describe the e-recruitment industry JGP currently live in. In an effort to promote and strengthen creative thinking within the company JGP has fashioned its own forum for inventive thinking – The Piggy Pen.

The result of an innovation meeting some months ago the Piggy Pen idea has been developed and turned into a live showcase by Dan Taylor-Edwards and Richard Lawson. On a monthly basis willing JGP contestants are invited to present their innovative ideas to a live studio audience with the most inventive, crowd pleasing contender walking away with £150 to invest in their idea and more importantly the title of Piggy Master.

Episode One of the Piggy Pen burst onto Back Church Lane on the 1st of August, with Sofie, Matt and Maddie bravely navigating untouched stage space. After a 60 second pitch from each contestant and a thorough intellectual cavity search from the Piggy Panel, Matt Jacobs rose to the top with his idea for improving workplace recreational time, booking himself a place in the JGP hall of fame alongside the original sandwich man – Diego. Sofie and Maddie were left to contemplate the reality of life in the sty and committed to the dusty JGP archives.

The 5th of September saw the Piggy Pen juggernaut role back into town for the much anticipated Episode Two. Like the sequel to a romantic first date all involved realised things would need to improve to avoid uncomfortable silence and ultimate capitulation. Episode Two did not disappoint; outstanding pitches captivated the audience and withstood the panel’s assessment, leaving it in the hands of the fickle mob. Andrew Wilkinson won the currency with his idea for boosting the library resources of an inner city primary school. Wilko fought off tough challenges from Ben Goodacre trying to promote workplace photography and Dan Shewan promoting workplace violence.

So it is safe to say, for now anyway, that the spirit of creativity that has helped shape JGP over the last 10 years is still alive and well. As for Episode Three, the Piggy Pen is an indefinite entity, much like the north bound metropolitan line, no one really knows where it ends and there is always the chance of an unscheduled termination. The Piggy Pen will continue to be the uncensored outlet for all things creative within JGP until such time as willing candidates cease to be.

Until next time…if there is a next time…