Job Hunting While Unemployed

James, April 23, 2013

How to structure your job hunt while unemployed:

Job Hunting | Jobsgopublic

No matter who you are, the prospect and reality of unemployment is daunting. The idea of going weeks, even months without a job is a constant worry for all of us. A job gives us stability, a routine, and we are able to plan ahead and think about our future. Unemployment, if you let it, can take all of this away.

I need a job | JobsgopublicWhen unemployed, the most important thing you can do is retain the sense of routine and stability that you had before, whether in previous work or full-time education. By structuring your job hunt in an efficient way, you can overcome many of the negative effects of unemployment while putting yourself the best position to find the job that you want.

To do this forget all about being unemployed. Pretend that you are employed, and your new job is to look for work. Set an alarm and try to be at your desk or wherever your computer resides, nice and early in the morning.

Find a Job Keyboard | JobsgopublicStart by doing the rounds on the job sites, or searching for "Jobs in London" on Google for example. It is really useful to create a dedicated “Jobs” bookmark folder in your browser with easily accessible links to the many different job sites you use. If you find anything that interests you, do not let the opportunity slip away! Even if you’re not desperately interested in the job, being invited to a job interview is excellent preparation for the next job interview that you really care about.

If you have applied to a few jobs by mid-morning, you’ve already set yourself up very well for a new job. Once you've finished doing the rounds, spend the rest of the morning doing further research. Think about the skills that you have and bookmark other websites with jobs that could be suitable for you. Try to bookmark pages once you have refined your search criteria. This will save you a lot of time for when you next logon.

Once you have done this, take a quick break and have some lunch. Unemployment can often mean lots of time spent indoors. But it is very important to keep proactive. So in the afternoon get outside and meet potential employers with your C.V. This needn't be just for those wanting to work in retail. Contrary to popular belief, there are still many employers who don’t advertise online. So getting outside and asking for work is better than going nowhere!

Jobseeker Unemployed | JobsgopublicLiterally putting your head through the door and saying hello to a potential employer is still one of the most powerful ways of finding employment. After all, they are more likely to remember a face than a form.

Once you are home again, having spent a full working day looking for a new job, you’ll be reminded that you have done nothing but put yourself in the best position for employment. If you can repeat this process and treat unemployment as a full-time position, it won’t be long before you find another job. Best of all, it’ll be one that pays!

Lastly, a positive frame of mind is crucial, the search may be hard, it might be long, but maintain a good attitude towards the job hunt and this will come through to your potential employers at those all important interviews.

The very best of luck!