Job Interview Dress Code – Winter Fashion Edition

James, February 6, 2013

Business Winter Fashion:

Staying fashionable and smart during the winter months can be a challenge. Comfort and warmth can sometimes take precedence over fashion, when the bitterly cold winter weather sets in. If you have landed a job interview in the winter months the weather shouldn't hold you back from looking your best. This is the winter edition of our job interview dress code guide, for autumn fashion advice check here.

high heels in the snow - winter interview fashion | Jobsgopublic

They say that you can never take back a first impression, this is definitely true in the case of a job interview. Within the first few seconds of meeting a potential employee they are assessing you for the job, before you have had a chance to say anything.

The first steps to creating an appropriate interview outfit is to research the company. Whilst it is highly recommended to do your research into the company for the purposes of the interview, it can also be beneficial to find out what sort of values and ethics the company embody so that you can tailor your look to fit in with their vision. Some companies have a casual approach to the office whilst other companies like to promote a more corporate environment. Showing the employer from the start that you can fit in with their company gives a positive impression.

The general consensus on job interview attire is that it should be smart and professional. The looks that you can use to achieve this can vary between men and women during the winter season. We will now go through some of the looks that you can put together.

Men - Interview Fashion Tips

businessman in the snow - winter fashion | JobsgopublicSuits are the most common looks for a smart and professional job interview. Making sure that you have a well tailored and fitted suit gives a great first impression. Trousers that are too short are a definite no. During winter months its more appropriate to wear dark coloured suits such as charcoal or navy blue. However you can add a splash of personality by wearing a coloured shirt. Winter appropriate colours include dark purple or dark blue. Alternatively a white shirt would look very smart with a coloured tie to add individuality. It is not appropriate to wear any sort of humorous or brightly patterned ties with a winter suit. Keep the colours muted and wintry. If you are looking for a quick an easy suit buying guide then perhaps have a look here for more information.

winter fashion - suit-jacket-scarf | JobsgopublicAccessories for a suit should be kept to a minimum. Plain cufflinks are acceptable as is a dark coloured belt that compliments the suit. Shoes should not be worn or weathered and be of an appropriate colour to match the suit. Black, dark brown and charcoal shoes will finish off the suit to a high standard. Make sure that shoes are polished and laces are tied, a blue suit with black shoes is not a good look. Furthermore matching your socks and tie is a very professional look.

scarf and jacket men - winter fashion | JobsgopublicAs it is winter it will be appropriate to wear an overcoat. To ensure your outfit still looks smart choose a woolen overcoat in a dark colour that compliments the suit and shoes. A matching scarf and gloves can look really smart, just ensure that you remove all outer wear once you get into the interview room.

If you are going for a less formal look, it would be fine to just wear a smart shirt and dark coloured trousers instead of the full suit. If you wear a tie do not wear a jacket, however, if you are not wearing a tie a blazer is a good option.

Women - Interview Fashion Tips

smart woman - winter fashion | JobsgopublicAgain suits are the most popular looks for an interview, however women can opt for a trouser suit, a skirt suit or even a smart dress teamed with a suit jacket. Winter colours for women include grey, charcoal, black, brown, rich blues and greens. Making sure that your suit is tailored to fit is a must, as an ill fitting suit, skirt or dress can look untidy and give a bad impression.

pussybow - winter fashion | JobsgopublicKey looks this season include flared trouser suits which look smart teamed with a white shirt, although cigarette trousers are a smart yet fashionable alternative to the flared trousers. High waisted pencil skirts with a shirt can make up a less formal look. Trouser suits are always a good look with an appropriate coloured shirt. Pussybow shirts are very fashionable right now and can add a touch of individuality to any suit.

Appropriate winter outfits do not show much skin, this includes high necklines and low hems. Tights are a great way to keep warm and can really make a suit look classy. Opt for dark colours that compliment your outfit or sheer tights with longer skirts.

over coat - winter fashion | JobsgopublicAs is always the rule with job interviews keep accessories, makeup and perfume to a minimum, freshly painted nails are important. However, you should always make sure that your handbag and shoes complement your outfit. As it is winter it may be more appropriate to wear boots, however, make sure that your footwear is not weathered and that your boots look polished and smart.

A smart belted trench coat or a woollen tailored coat can add the finishing touches to your smart look. Team this with a matching scarf and leather gloves, or a cape and beret for a slightly alternatively look.

Finally don't forget to bring an umbrella as the unreliable weather during the winter months could ruin all your hard work perfecting the ultimate winter interview look.