Staying positive whilst job hunting

Arran Williams, August 30, 2018

Job seeking can be challenging, so much so that it can sometimes feel like a job in itself. This can make it hard to remain optimistic and positive during this time. However, it is essential that you do to make sure that your job search goes smoothly.
Before landing my dream job I was in this situation. I became impatient at times thinking it was not going to happen for me, but I was determined not to give up. The tips and advice in this blog are genuine things that I used to help me through and hopefully they will work for you too!

Also here at Jobsgopublic we collectively love to help, so alongside my personal suggestions I have asked around the office for additional tips and advice from my colleagues own personal experiences with job hunting.

Here are my top 7 list of things that will hopefully help you to stay motivated:

Top 7 Tips:

1. Focus on the end goal – It’s easy to lose sight of what it is you are actually trying to achieve, so having a clear vision in mind and picturing the end goal will help keep you motivated.

2. Stay healthy – Job seeking can be mentally draining, leaving you feeling exhausted. This is why it’s important to make time to exercise and eat healthy. These things will not only boost your morale but will keep your energy levels higher.

3. Network- Do not be shy to ask for help. It will not only be beneficial for your job search but it is a great form of flattery to the people you ask. This can be as simple as asking family members and friends for jobs advice and work contacts.

4. Be around positive people- It can be easy to become a bit of a recluse during your job search so make sure you spend time around your friends and family. This will help to keep you in good spirits.

5. Get excited- As much as this may sound easier said than done, try and think about the prospect of a new challenge or adventure. Think of how a new job will bring new and exciting prospects to your life.

6. Exercise your passion – Don’t lose sight of what makes you happy, whether it’s writing or sports or anything else, make sure you keep time for doing what you love.

7. Don’t give up!- Whatever you do don’t give up. If it ever gets too much take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on.

The Jobsgopublic team’s top 5 tips:


1. Structure your day- Allocate periods of the day for job hunting with clear targets in mind as to what you want to achieve. Be sure to allow time for yourself in order to relax and enjoy your day.

2. Spend time around role models- You can learn a lot from your role models and you may be surprised how much you have in common with their experiences which can help. These can be friends and family members who you look up to and inspire you daily.

3. Act as though you have a job- Set an alarm, eat breakfast at a sensible time and take pride in yourself. These factors will set you up and get you in the right positive mind frame for when you get a job.

4. Join a club and stay active and social – Where staying active is definitely important, it is equally important to stay social. Getting involved in sports such as 5 aside football, netball, swimming or any other social clubs can give you a huge confidence boost and keep you motivated.

5. Make sure you research companies thoroughly- It may be tempting to just apply for as many jobs as possible and settle for anything out of desperation. However, it’s important to also actually find a job which will keep you motivated and happy. This is why it is important to research the companies culture and find out as much as possible about it before accepting a job offer.

Start Today!


Trying to stay positive can seem futile and pointless at times especially when you feel as though your job search is moving really slowly. But it is so important to not let this feeling take over. Remember, future employers will be impressed by the fact that you have persevered and kept on going. This shows them determination and commitment; two excellent traits that can put you above the competition.

So don’t wait around, put these into action today (your future self will thank you later!)

Good luck and happy job hunting!