Jobsgopublic numbers go up in leaps and bounds

admin, January 28, 2008

Mondays are always the hardest, and when they coincide with the month of January they seem particularly harder. After a fabulous weekend (the sun was out in London), it was a struggle to get to work this morning in what can only be termed 'the freezing fog of London'.

Anyway enough about the weather, we've got some great news. Last September you may have noticed a survey popping up when you were scrolling through our website. We were participating in the National Online Recruitment Audience Survey, which gives us a snapshot of who is using our website (demographics) and this is great in ensuring we get plenty of appropriate jobs on-site to suit the types of roles, qualifications and regions that you are job seeking in. In conjunction to this we had our monthly traffic figures audited and independently verified through ABC Electronic. This is industry standard (set by JICWEBS - Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards) and allows us to quote certified figures about who visits our website and network.

So what's the big deal? For our clients and advertisers it’s an assurance of integrity, with the plethora of job sites popping up on the web, some making over-inflated claims (we know because our clients ring up questioning these sites) we want to remain as transparent with our users as we can. We can officially claim over 400,000 unique visitors! That’s huge for a niche jobs board, and officially the largest dedicated public and not for profit jobs board in the UK. We don't list private sector jobs, and we don't list recruitment consultancy jobs. You are dealing with the organisation, council, charity, housing association that you are applying for the vacancy with. How many job boards still retain that these days?

Anyway, as hard as January can be in dealing with the middle of winter, it's also a booming time to apply for jobs as organisations review the last quarter before end of financial year, and many job-seekers are going through with their new years resolution to 'get that new job'. So happy job hunting!