Jobsgopublic tackling disability

DanT, February 16, 2009


Jobsgopublic are pleased to announce the establishment of another professional relationship focused on harnessing the most diverse jobseeking audience in the UK. Jobsgopublic have combined forces with the Employers Forum and Leonard Cheshire Disability to implement a cutting edge initiative that will aid those who are disabled and seeking work - Suitability. This new partnership will build on the success of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Workability scheme that has actively engaged 8,000 disabled jobseekers. provides an online job brokerage for registered jobseekers, employers and mentors and will be backed by advisors tasked with matching talented disabled jobseekers with the right employers. The Suitability resource will look to target the high percentage of disabled people out of work. As articluated by Jane Fletcher, Leonard Cheshire Disability's Innovations Director; 'Disabled people are already far less likely to be in work than non disabled people. With the job market in free fall, they will face even more barriers to finding work'.

Jobsgopublic have worked with hundreds of public and not for profit organisations since their launch in 1999. For the last 10 years Jobsgopublic has been constantly striving to provide a jobseeking audience which reflects the society they live in, this has been achieved through a firm focus on diversity and equality. The partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability will only strengthen this ethos. Richard Tyrie, Co-founder of Jobsgopublic is ethusiastic about the combination; 'Our partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability will ensure that the public sector extends their reach even further by having access to their client groups.'

On an emotive level Jobsgopublic and the Leonard Cheshire Disability want to empower disabled jobseekers with the confidence to compete with non-disabled applicants when applying for jobs. This empowerment will come through a change in peoples perceptions as to what a disabled worker can and can't offer as well as increased disabled confidence.  In the words of Jane Fletcher; 'Suitability aims to make it less exceptional to have a colleague who is disabled'.