Let us do the hard work for you

AnnieM, January 12, 2010

There is no doubt about it: job hunting is one of the most stressful employment-related activities you’ll ever have to do. From the initial job search on a hundred and one different websites, to filling out the job application form, right through to the interview and imperative follow-up letter, it’s not exactly a barrel of giggles. And when it comes to the initial search of trawling through the job boards on the off-chance of finding that perfect vacancy, well, I’m sure there are many other things you’d rather be doing. So why not skip a stage?  I’m not talking about skipping the interview here (although I’m sure many of us would prefer not to go through such barbaric torture). I’m talking about allowing us –the nice bunch at Jobsgopublic.com  - to find the relevant jobs that meet your criteria. Sound good?

All you need to do is sign up to our Jobs-By-Email service, register your details, tell us about the type of jobs you are looking for and bingo! You’ll receive relevant job vacancies delivered straight to your inbox whenever they're added to our network. Meaning you can spend more time applying rather than searching for your next job.

Of course, we can’t guarantee you a job from the vacancies we send through (although we’d like to!) but it does free up a lot more of your time so you can get on with the nitty gritty.

Still not convinced? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should register for Jobs-By-Email:

  • Convenient: the automatically-generated alerts delivered straight to your given e-mail will prevent you having to manually search for jobs that may not be relevant anyway
  • Time-saving: frees up more time for filling out job applications
  • Efficient: Receiving these alerts will highlight job vacancies you may otherwise have missed
  • Motivating: The regularity of these emails will keep you motivated in your job search
  • Discreet: Receiving these emails instead of looking at live vacancies during work hours will be less conspicuous to other colleagues/your boss if you are looking for a job or career change.

Oh yes: and did I also mention it’s absolutely, utterly, definitely and entirely free?