Monday Motivation

Sam Wilson, June 22, 2015

So here we are again, Monday morning has come around and another week of work lies ahead. How are we feeling about this?

Whether this finds you preparing to brave the traffic or crammed into a commuter train, we have taken it upon ourselves to give you a boost this Monday. Together we can take on the world, let’s do this!!

Monday Morning Music

For many, like myself, music is one of the best motivational tools around. This Monday morning our Sales team have a special recommendation to get you ready to attack the week. They have selected ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac, this track is one of the band’s signature songs and it’s uplifting rhythm is exactly what this Monday morning needs.

Commuter Conundrums

ThinkingIt’s Monday morning and we could all be forgiven for needing a little longer to get our brains in gear. Get a head start on the rest of them and get your cogs spinning with this brainteaser provided by our lovely support team.

“What occurs twice in a lifetime, once in a year, twice in a week but never in a day?”

Tweet your answers to @JobsGoAdvice and we’ll let you know if you’re right.

Goal for the week

Whilst everyone is different it has been shown that happy, confident people all share a number of characteristics and approaches to life.

The smallest actions can have a huge impact in the way that we’re viewed by our colleagues and superiors. We are therefore challenging you to adopt a new approach each week that should see you enjoy more happiness and success.

Week 1

Make a positive statement in a negative conversation – It’s incredibly easy to chime in on a negative conversation with more negativity and get dragged into that mind set. Be the person that goes against it and brings positivity when no one else will.

Finish on a joke

Laughter | JobsgopublicIt’s easy to be miserable on a Monday morning and whilst you tackle your commute I’m sure it will be easy to spot some unhappy faces. Don’t get drawn in, so before we sign off here’s something to help you start your working day with an upside down frown.

“A man was caught stealing from a supermarket whilst on the shoulders of two vampires”

“He was charged with shoplifting on two counts”