New Page Designs

admin, September 10, 2007

We've been busy working on the look and feel for The aim of the re-design is to create a cleaner look and feel with an easier to navigate structure. Here are some early designs to give you glimpse of what's coming.

This is the new look home page - you can see its more focused, less fragmented and generally cleaner looking.

New Homepage Design


Here is the Jobs Search Results page

Job Search Results

The Job Detail Page

Job Detail Page

And if you haven't signed up yet (why ever not?) this is what the Sign Up page looks like

Sign Up

And finally a News Article Page

News Article

These designs are bound to change a bit over the next month or so as we refine them (based on your feedback) so the final site designs will be similar to these but not exactly the same. That leads me on quite nicely to another thing I wanted to mention - iterative improvement. Once we have launched these new designs we will be looking at how they are used and tweaking them and our services in response use patterns and user feedback. Next I'll be talking about some of the new services we're planning - so at the very least our competitors (who?) should be reading this blog ;)