New Year, New Career

Arran Williams, January 15, 2018

As always, a new year brings with it thoughts of changing things for the better. Whether it's joining a gym, learning Spanish or taking up the piano, a new year can provide that spur to try and up your game.

One of the biggest such changes is finding a new job. You spend a large amount of your life at work, so it makes sense to spend time thinking about what you want your job to be. And what better time to make a change than the New Year?

So, seeing that we’re halfway through January 2018 already, here are some tips and advice on making your new year resolution of finding a new career a reality.

1. Stay focused

Maybe you've been mulling over changing jobs for ages, but just not got around to it. The new year can provide you with that extra push to get motivated.

The hard bit is staying focused. Today’s world is full of distractions and as time moves forward and lives get busier it’s easy to stay at your current job even if it’s making you unhappy.

To avoid this make sure you focus on the end goal.
To achieve this set yourself lots of short achievable goals which will ultimately lead you to your end goal – which is hopefully your dream job!

2. Write it down

Make sure that you have a plan written down. This will make it easier to remember the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Make a list of companies that you wish to work for and the key reasons for why you wish to join them.

Set up reminders on your phone so you have active alerts to remind yourself to spend sufficient time applying. This works really well if you are like me and always on the go!

3. Be consistent

Staying consistent is key!
After writing things down, try your best to remain consistent and build a routine with your goals. Spend a designated time on the things that you plan to achieve. This can be as simple as applying for a minimum amount of jobs each week, or researching and networking a company to find out more about job progression.

4. Celebrate the little things

Every step you take in this process is helping to lead to your wider goal of finding your dream role. So, make sure you celebrate your progress – no matter how little it may seem.

5. Remain Motivated

Staying motivated is one of the most important things whilst job hunting. With the bad weather and the all-round January blues, this is definitely something that’s easier said than done.

However, if you need any more help with this, we have written blogs on  motivation and job seeking positivity that are very relevant for setting out your goals for this year.
We would recommend checking them out if this is something you struggle with.

We hope that 2018 is a great year for you and that you find success in your career journey.
Be sure to keep checking for exciting new blog updates throughout the coming 12 months as well as fresh opportunities at

Good luck and Happy New year!