Office Christmas Party Blunders: Part 2

Sam Wilson, December 11, 2013

Christmas Party | JobsGoPublic

It’s that time again, where did the year go? Fast approaches the night that has been the talk of the office for weeks and you’re all looking forward to blowing off some steam after another tough year.

However... BEWARE! The work party presents many opportunities where you could embarrass yourself, jeopardise your career and create a truly awful atmosphere in the office once the festive period is over.

We have spoken about some of the possible mistakes in our blog last Christmas however with the parties fast approaching we look at some more potential blunders.

Be fun…just not too much fun.

There’s often a lot of pressure to feel like you’re ‘part of the gang’ at work. There is inevitably a group of co-workers who you’d like to be part of and It’s tempting to see the Christmas party as your opportunity to show them how much fun you are and secure your place at all future social events. You will gain a lot more by just being part of the group rather than the centre off attention. Things to avoid include breakdancing, loudly telling your ‘best’ joke and making fun of the boss. You’re a lot better off being seen as quiet and mysterious than a complete laughing stock.

Bad Dancing | JobsGoPublic

Keep it to yourself.

You may have had a tough time at work recently, you may feel that you’re not always appreciated and that whoever has just been promoted rather than you didn’t deserve it. However, the worst thing you can do is start shouting about how you feel at your work party. No-one wants to hear it when they are trying to have fun and it will not help your career in the slightest. You’re time will come, enjoy yourself and keep the conversation positive, after all it’s Christmas!

Stop Whining | JobsGoPublic

That perfect moment is unlikely to be tonight.

There may be someone in your office who you look forward to seeing every day, you exchange shy smiles as they walk past and make awkward small talk as you wait for the kettle to boil. After a few drinks at the staff party you might decide that you’re finally going to tell them how you feel. Resist this urge with every bit of strength you have! There is a chance that the special someone feels the same about you, however the office party is not the place to make it happen. Think about the repercussions, those innocently awkward moments made in to unbearably awkward moments as you’re haunted by flashbacks of the moment when it all went so horribly wrong. Nobody wants the whole office to know their business so wait until you’re sober and quietly ask them out for a coffee, you’ll thank me later.

Not Tonight | JobsGoPublic

Keep the boss at a distance.

You may see the Christmas party as the ideal opportunity to buddy up to the boss, that after you show them how hard you work or how much fun you are that it will be only a matter of time before you start making your way up that career ladder. What you obviously haven’t thought of is the fact that a number of other people have had the same idea and your boss is utterly sick of it. It won’t do you any favours so just leave them be, thank them for providing the food/drink/entertainment and wish them a merry Christmas. Keep it professional and you will be seen as such and remember, your boss is highly unlikely to find you anywhere near as funny as you think you are especially after you have had a few too many jaegerbombs!

Don’t take this advice as “don’t have any fun!”. Enjoy your Christmas party, you deserve it. Have a drink and celebrate the year’s achievements with your colleagues. Just don’t let it become a night that you live to regret for the weeks that follow.

Have a brilliant time and Merry Christmas from all at Jobsgopublic!