Online Job Interview Preparation

James, March 21, 2013

Interviews via webcam:

Online Job Interview Webcam | JobsgopublicWith the continuous advancement in technology, many companies are attempting to increase efficiency when recruiting. This has led to a rise in online interviews conducted via webcam. However, this can throw up many different things to think about compared to a regular face-to-face interview! Here is our quick and easy guide to help avoid a simple mistake that could cost you the interview.

1. Conduct a Mock Interview

Conducting a mock interview is to help you realise your weaknesses and strengths that you need to improve or capitalise on. You can ask your close friend, family member or relative to be your mock interviewer. The mock interviewer should do an independent research on probable questions the he or she thinks that the online company might ask you. He/she should also go through you curriculum vitae and ask you important questions about the position you have applied for.

After the mock interview, you should review your answers and identify where you went wrong or where you had difficulties so that you can do more research. The mock interviewer should also take note of your voice clarity, facial expression, body language, or gestures so as to let you know what to do and what not to do during the actual interview.

Filming the mock interview might also be a big help, and then you can see how you will come across on webcam when the online interview takes place.

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2. Hook up Your Webcam Properly

Before you hook up your webcam, make sure that you have a Skype account, or investigate which provider the company conducting the interview will be using. However, Skype is the most widely used, and applying for a Skype account is simple and free. Online Job Interview Skype | JobsgopublicOnce you are registered with Skype, hook up your webcam in line with your monitor. To ensure that your webcam is functional, practise video chatting with an online friend or relative. To boost your confidence, be composed and look directly at the webcam as you practise with your friend or relative.

3. Prepare Your Working Area

Online Job Interview Well Lit | Jobsopublic

During the online interview, you might choose to sit in a room in your house or in an office. Whatever the place that you choose, make sure that it looks clean and organised. Remove any posters or artworks that may give a wrong message to the interviewer. You should also make sure that your workplace has a good lighting so that you can be seen clearly. The place should be very quiet, away from noisy animals and people.

4. Prepare Your Writing Materials

Online Job Interview Messy Desk | Jobsgopublic

Getting up in the middle of the interview process to look for stationery not only shows how disorganised you are, but also annoys the interviewer. To avoid this, get all your necessary writing materials ready by placing them in front of your computer before the beginning of the interview.


5. Dress Properly

businessman in the snow - winter fashion | JobsgopublicJust like any other type of interview, you should dress decently for the online interview. Put on smart clothes and make sure that your hair is short or combed properly. For more advice on this see our Interview fashion articles for autumn and winter.

With these points firmly in your mind and taken care of, an online interview is nothing to fear. Be confident; sell yourself, and the very best of luck.