Our jobs are tweeting!

admin, April 8, 2009

We had a few requests from jobseekers about being able to follow relevant sector specific job feeds, so in true form we've set our popular sector feeds up for all to follo won twitter.  Depending on your sector of interest you can now follow the latest jobs being released on jobsgopublic via our seperate twitter feeds.

Of course these are all from Public sector and Charitable Organisations only as is Jobsgopublic's focus.

Jobs in Charitieshttp://twitter.com/charityjobsuk

Jobs in Education - http://twitter.com/educationjobsuk

Jobs in Health - http://twitter.com/healthjobsuk

Jobs in Police - http://twitter.com/policejobsuk

Jobs in Probation - http://twitter.com/probationjobs

Jobs in Human Resourcing - http://twitter.com/hrjobsuk

Jobs in Youth Work - http://twitter.com/youthworkjobs

Jobs in Planning - http://twitter.com/planningjobs

Jobs in Teaching - http://twitter.com/teachingjobsuk

Jobs in Social Work and Care - http://twitter.com/socialcarejob

Jobs in Housing - http://twitter.com/Housingjobsjgp

Jobs in Local Government - http://twitter.com/localgovtjobs

Jobs in Central Government - http://twitter.com/centralgovtjobs

We've also limited it to 5 vacancies tweet updates an hour, so you won't get inundated with jobs if you choose our more popular sectors.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to us on the blog and we'll be sure to answer your questions as speedily as we can.  If you're still quite new to twitter, check out "The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter", it's long, but give a full thorough overview of, well, like it says 'everything twitter'.  I'm also going to provide a link to "Why do you like using social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?" as I think it has some very relevant information in here too, particularly around the sharing and engaging side of twitter I enjoy so much.

To understand twitter is to start using it, following people and tweeting.  For example, my question to Jobsgopublic followers was precisely around this blog, I asked the question to my followers and received 2 answers within 6 minutes.  This saved me googling, searching, phoning, and researching what has become a massive subject "What is Twitter?".


I hope this has helped with a twitter overview and hopefully a funky twitter feed to help you get relevant job vacancies where you want them.   So keep engaged and keep twittering!