Overcoming Interview Nerves – Interview Myths

Sam Wilson, March 11, 2014

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More often than not interview nerves are caused by unnecessary worry about myths that are either blown out of proportion or simply untrue. In this article we will discuss some of the biggest interview myths.

Your interviewer does not want to see you fail.

Some people are convinced that the person interviewing them wants to see them struggle, stumble and fail. This is completely false.

It is highly unlikely that your interviewer has enough free time on their hands that they have a spare couple of hours in their day to interview someone who they don’t think could potentially do the job just so they can cause them anxiety and watch them fail. Your interviewer’s time is precious to them, they are interviewing you because they have read your application and placed you on a list of people they would like to meet. They would like to give you the job providing you can show them that you are as capable as your application has led them to believe.

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There isn’t one right answer that you have to find.

Many candidates get very stressed out because they think that when they are asked a question that there are is a very specific answer that they have to find and if they can’t find it then it’s game over.

Obviously your interviewer has an idea of what kind of answer they want however this is by no means set in stone. An interviewer asks questions that they believe will provide candidates an opportunity to talk about themselves in a professional capacity, discuss their skills and display confidence in their field. Do not spend time worrying about what you think that that interviewer will want to hear and just talk with confidence about the things that you know, it will be a lot more impressive and do you a lot more favours. It is also worth remembering that your interviewer has likely spent all day interviewing and has probably heard the same answers repeatedly. By providing a more unique answer you will get their attention and show off your personality, this make such a better impression.

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 It isn’t completely about the first impression.

There is no doubt that first impressions are important however a less-than-perfect first impression is not the end of the world.

Interviews are information gathering exercises usually lasting between 30-50 minutes therefore the first 30 seconds are unlikely to be completely decisive. Many candidates get themselves really worked up worrying about the first impression that they will make however there is plenty of time during an interview to ensure that you get across the information you want. Also as you leave, say a warm goodbye, smile and shake your interviewers hand and thank them, your last impression can be much more powerful and stay with them after you leave.

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Hopefully with this information you can begin to relax a bit more, it is important to remember that everyone gets a little nervous before a job interview and that it is actually a good thing. A small amount of nerves signify that you care and will help you ensure that you are prepared. Your interviewer will understand that you are likely to be a little nervous it’s just important to make sure that those nerves don’t take over. You are qualified, you are talented and you will be just fine.