Overcoming Interview Nerves

Sam Wilson, March 4, 2014

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Interview nerves are incredibly common, some are simply affected more severely than others. Millions of people have cursed their own nervousness when looking back at an interview they’ve had, convinced that once again it’s ruined their chances. If you suffer from such ailments there are some important things to remember. 1) You’re not alone, 2) there are things you can do and 3) we are here to help.

Over the next 2 articles, we will discuss some steps you can take to overcome your nerves and hopefully remove some of the fears that cause them.

Don’t think so much.

Ah the ultimate ‘easier said than done’ phrase, requiring full control of our thoughts and general brain activity. So many of us are plagued by moments in which our brains decide that they don’t care what we want or how we want to be, they have their own ideas. I have, on many occasions, struggled with completely over thinking certain situations which has caused severe levels of anxiety and stress. More recently I have managed to talk myself down from similar incidents and build a level of self-belief that has helped to prevent future incidents.

One thing that I often remind myself is that there are very few situations that require this level of worry and despair. Once the apocalypse comes and those of us that survive have to continue to do so by fighting off hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, at that point you have my permission to lose it, although it might not help much. Most day-to-day situations however are not worth such levels of anxiety.  Everything will be OK, you will come out the other end unscathed and move on with your life. This is something that I remind myself of in situations that would have previously led me to overthink and stress myself out. I’ve found that it has helped and allowed me to enjoy a more relaxed existence.

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Get some sleep

Many of us like to think that we can function without a proper amount of sleep, it serves as a bragging right and a source of pride. The reality is that a lack of sleep will do you no favours whatsoever in your attempts to overcome nerves. Without a proper amount of sleep your body will lack the proper energy levels required to help you fight against nerves as they creep in, it is essentially the equivalent of leaving your car door open with the keys in the ignition.

On the night before your interview, make sure that you have the opportunity to relax, have a nice dinner and get some rest. Waking up refreshed you will be in a much better position to battle those dreaded nerves and help you overcome them.

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Find something that relaxes you

The use of music, poetry, art or literature is not a new idea and can be incredibly effective. Personally I use music in a variety of situations to suit a range of moods, there are songs that relax me, songs that make me smile and some songs that simply help get me out of bed on a cold morning. Find something that relaxes you, it might be a song, a poem, a painting or even a saying. It is amazing the way that these things can transport us to a better place and allow us to face certain challenges we would previously be incapable of. There are a number of other things you can do if art isn’t your thing, a nice bath, a trip to the gym or a coffee with a friend can have the same positive impact. Find that something that will help you put your nerves in their place, you might never look back.

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The next blog will discuss some interview myths that are common worries but needn’t be because they are simply untrue. It will be released next Tuesday 11th March.