It’s all about positivity! – How to be positive in your job search

Sam Wilson, February 24, 2014

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I have a friend who is looking for a new job, ideally he wants to be promoted in his current company but is repeatedly overlooked when opportunities arise. He has been with the company for a number of years and early on had some considerable success but appears to hit a glass ceiling and doesn’t appear to know why.

The problem is that he has developed possibly the most negative attitude I have ever encountered. The first time he was overlooked, rather than using it as motivation to work harder he started feel hard done by, the second time he started complaining and this has continued to get worse. He has now decided that he deserves more than he’s got and this feeling of entitlement has become poison.

Negativity is draining. It saps people of energy, motivation and drive and these are crucial when looking for a new job. Employers want people in their organisation who are going to contribute positively not only to their own work but to those around them.

The issue with my friend is that he has let negativity take him and it has shows in every aspect of his body language, tone of voice and has transferred into his CV and Cover Letter. Until he changes his attitude and approach his situation will not improve.

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As hard as it may seem sometimes, there are simple steps you can take to change your outlook and ensure that the people reading your CV and interviewing you will feel that you will make a positive impact on their organisation.

CV and Cover Letter

Using positive language in your CV and Cover Letter is crucial but it is also easy. Think about your experience and in particular your achievements and ensure that they are suitably highlighted. Use language that shows your enthusiasm for the work you did.

The phrase “food and drink service for events” can be “I was part of a team providing a food and drinks service for a number of events always focussing on delivering the best possible service at all times”.

“Telesales for an insurance company” shows no passion whatsoever, what did you achieve? Could you say “I was part of a telesales team which broke our company record for highest sales in a month”? Or “I carried out a telesales service, consistently hitting my targets every week”?

Words like achieved, completed, delivered or identified show that you worked towards something rather than just doing your work.

Make an effort to show that you took ownership of your work and took pride in your achievements.

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Tone of voice

Especially important if speaking on the phone, your tone of voice can tell a potential employer a lot about your attitude. Speak slowly and calmly as this will give you more time to think about what you’re saying and ensure that you say the things that you want to say. Speak with passion and enthusiasm and same as your CV make sure that you are using positive language that shows that you took interest in your work and were genuinely invested in it.

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Body Language

In an interview the use of positive body language can make all the difference. There are simple steps that you can take to give the best possible impression.

Make sure you sit up straight and smile.

Maintain eye contact.

Relax your shoulders.

Use your hands confidently. Don’t fidget.

Nod to show that you’re listening.

Face the person you’re speaking to and keep your body open.

 These simple actions will make the person interviewing you feel at ease and assure them that you are confident and will contribute positively to their organisation.

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I hope that my friend will manage to turn his attitude around, he is a capable individual and has a lot to offer but has let negativity get the best of him. Don’t suffer from the same problem, stay positive, keep yourself motivated and your skills and passion will shine through.

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