News about the site upgrade…

Richard Tyrie, January 11, 2008

Firstly, our thanks to all of you that have visited and commented about the relaunch over the past month.

So…Why bother with the blog?

Simple…its good to talk. We were keen to provide this facility so that users of Jobsgopublic can voice their experiences with each other, and most importantly give us here at JGP the opportunity to get feedback - in real time - from our valued community of jobseekers.

Err... why did we change something that was working perfectly well anyway?

Since we launched in 1999 this is the fifth time we’ve upgraded the Jobsgopublic software. Yes it’s a challenge (delivering a project of this magnitude typically is), but if we are to continue improving our service to you and the hundreds of employers that use the site, we needed to embrace new technologies and software engineering methods that will keep us ahead of the game for years to come. We’ve spent 18 months re-developing the site, and this is just the start of a series of improvements that you’ll notice over the coming months.

The story thus far…

As you can see from users comments there have been a few recurring themes focussing on a handful of (often frustrating!) issues. The headlines:

  • Server issues: these seem to be happening at particularly busy periods and result in a page saying ‘we’ve had a wiring error’.
    • This has been significantly improved, but we still get occasional occurrences. If you witness one – try again in a few minutes.
  • No longer being able to search by date the job was posted (we used to offer this)
    • We’re on the case with this too, and hope to get this reinstated over the next couple of weeks or so
  • No longer offering a multiple employer / regional search (we used to offer this too)
    • This is a bit more complex, but rest assured will be back soon
    • UPDATE: This has now been rectified. The region search (i.e. 'London') is back!!!
  • Not receiving forgotten password reminders
    • This should now largely be resolved
  • A lack of access to previously 'saved' application forms
    • We tried to give users plenty of advance warning about this and sent a number of emails to registered users to this effect. Unfortunately, a few users overlooked these mails, or didn't receive them for various reasons – we’re sorry if you were affected by this.
  • Last but by no means least, design: there has also been quite a few comments about the new look and feel and how our old design was better – especially with some people witnessing an 'overlapping text ' issue in some browsers…
    • You can’t please all the people all of the time I guess.. initial feedback pre-launch was positive, but we’ll continue to improve the asthetics and general usability of the site from hereonin.

What we're doing about it...

We care about getting it right, so the team here at JGP were busy working away throughout the Christmas holiday and during weekends to make the above improvements to the site.Rest assured we’ll continue to work tirelessly until the snags have been resolved.Naturally we’ll keep you posted with developments as and when.

So that’s it for now. Once again, thanks for your ongoing feedback and support over the years and please keep the feedback coming (you can post a comment here) , with your help we can continue improving.

Wishing you a prosperous 2008.

Richard Tyrie

Co-Founder, Jobsgopublic