RailsConf Europe 2008

MatthewRudy, September 8, 2008

We arrived in Berlin for this year’s Ruby On Rails conference greeted by a sign that seemed to say “Don’t throw glass bottles out of the train window”
It was a lucky escape, Levent was just about to break the rules!

As soon as we settled into our swish apartment in the Tiergarten region
I run away to a swanky bar for the aptly named “Bratwurst on Rails” event.
This involved lots of free Bratwurst, and lots of Ruby On Rails developers.

In the coming days there was quite an emphasis on good german beer,
Although Andy found it particularly hard to get hold of cider (“Apfelwein” is the correct word, apparently)

But the most fun was to be had before drinks.... At the conference.... Of course!

In DHH’s keynote, he told us that “Legacy is good!”
Having JGP4 hanging around forever is a good thing! It reminds us of how much better we’ve got!

Jeremy Kember talked about Performance on Rails, and I actually fell asleep.

Matt Wood talked about Ruby, Rails and The Human Genome Project, and how they churn out 75,000 gigabytes of data week, and manage it all with Rails.

Yehuda Katz talked about jQuery, and so many people were excited, they had to turn people away at the door.
I ended up in some boring talk about building bulky enterprise systems.

Star Wars is a metaphor for software development according to Justin Gehtland.
The Deathstar is just one big mess of an application, instead we should be a whole range of X-wings, B-wings, A-wings, ...
Applications with wings!

Paul and Freddie from Texperts showed us how they do this with their clever javascript widget framework, which reminds me very much of Playlouder’s forthcoming Brix framework.

And of course there was RejectConf,
A mini-conference taking place in a pirate themed bar,
Designed for all the people who just weren’t good enough to speak at the main conference...

We heard about volunteering as a programmer in Cambodia,
We heard about integrating Capistrano into OSX with Macistrano,

And, of course,
I spoke there!
Gave an informative lecture on my MakeSpecsBetter plugin, designed to give the impression that your Rspec suite actually works.

And somehow that night Kalv managed to beat me and Tom at table football!!

Looking forward to next RailsConf in Portland, Oregon!