Register to vote!

AnnieM, April 19, 2010

Today is the last day to register to vote. Don't forget!

  • If you've ever complained about 'unreliable' British transport
  • If you've ever used an NHS service
  • If you've looked at school league tables
  • If you've ever contacted your local council
  • If you've ever voiced an opinion about overseas international relations
  • If you've ever consciously purchased a fair-trade product
  • If you've stopped using the car as much
  • If you've ever disagreed with a politician
  • If you've ever read the news
  • If you ever wished there were more jobs
  • If you ever wished there was more financial support for the vulnerable
  • If you've ever complained about a local or national issue
  • If you've ever wished things were different....

then you MUST register to vote!

It is our democratic right.  A right people (especially women) have fought for centuries to obtain. A right people in many other countries are deprived of.

It is a chance to have our say  - via a small cross on a ballot paper - on how we want Britain to be run. Whoever you choose to vote for, make sure you have your say. Your voice will be heard.

Don't let your chance slip away. Register today.