Staying motivated through December

Tom Harris, December 13, 2017

The temperature is freezing, night time seems to start in the middle of the afternoon and the chances are you've probably got a cold. Yes, it's December again, and it's not always that much fun.

You might be struggling to stay motivated amid all the snuffles and the artic weather conditions. It's hard to work at your peak when you think you may have frost bite and you can't remember if sunshine is even still a thing. With this in mind, we've come up with a handy list of tips to keep you motivated in the bleak mid-winter.

1. Remember... it's almost Christmas

Historians know that long before Christmas caught on, ancient Britons still celebrated a festival of lights, feasting and drinking in December. Who can blame them? When the weather's so miserable you need an excuse to eat too much, drink too much and wear silly hats. It's basically a human right.
So - when you've got the winter blues and you feel like you can't go on, remember: there is light (and roast potatoes, and pigs in blankets, and bucks fizz) and at the end of the tunnel!

And if Christmas isn't your thing? Hannukah and Kwanzaa also take place in December. And if none of them are your jam? Never mind - use any excuse available for over-eating, jollity and ill-advised jumpers.

​2. Plan for summer

Things might seem miserable now, but the cold won't last forever and spring and summer will be on the way.​ Why not cheer yourself up by planning a summer holiday? You'll be super-organised, and you'll give yourself a treat to look forward to. Concentrate on how in a few months you'll be sipping pina coladas on a sunny beach - that way you can take your mind off the fact you're currently sipping Lemsips in a sub-zero tundra.

3. Do some exercise

I know, I know. When it's cold outside, the last thing you want to do is run around in the great outdoors. But here's the thing - exercise makes you feel better. It releases endorphins which make you feel more relaxed and positive, as well as giving you a positive sense of achievement about getting healthy. This will help you avoid getting more and more down as you spend all day stuck in doors hiding from the elements.
Will it be cold? Potentially, but a) there are such things as indoor gyms and b) you'd be amazed how quickly you'll warm up if you get a bit of a jog on.

4. Don't neglect your social life

Human beings are social animals and we like spending time with each other. Don't let yourself fall into a routine of spending winter holed up at home alone - it might be tempting to go into hibernation until spring, but resist the urge! Meeting up with friends will keep you happy and motivated.

5. Make sure you work routine is comfortable

It sounds obvious, but you'll be much more motivated for work if you're comfortable. If you're suffering with a winter bug, stock up in the office with medicine, sweets and hot drinks. For your commute, make sure your hat-coat-and-glove game is strong. Work out who in the office controls the thermostat and make sure their doing what needs to be done. In the great fight against the winter chill, you want to be as tooled up as possible.

5. Use the winter time to plan for the new year

Everyone gets het up about resolutions when New Year comes around, but there's no need to wait until January 1st. Use the relative down time of December to plan your goals and plot your changes for the new year. These goals may include finding a new career – which in that case head over to for a range of excellent opportunities.

You can even make a start now to hit the ground running when 2018 starts!

Follow these tips and you'll soar through December motivated, healthy and happy.