Step up to Social Work

Sam Wilson, April 21, 2015

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A new and innovative training programme, run by the Department for Education, called ‘Step up to Social Work’ looks set to revolutionise the way in which graduates are brought into working within social work. This happens at a time when organisations are crying out for a wave of committed young people who are looking to make a genuine difference to the lives of vulnerable childen, adults and families.

Traditionally graduates with non-social work related degrees would be faced with dauntingly expensive conversion courses in order to enter the social work arena. As a result, employers are left to fight over the small batch of graduates either with a social work degree or the means to pursue postgraduate study.

‘Step up to Social Work’ is a 14-month paid training programme during which you will gain a Diploma in Social Work and intensive hands-on experience of working in a social work role. You will also be paid a £19,833 bursary to support you during the programme.

The experience gained will prove to be incredibly valuable when looking to enter your first full-time role as it overcomes the problem often faced by new graduates who have gained qualifications but not the practical experience employers require. Need proof? 80% of programme graduates have gone on to practice as social workers.

The entry requirements for the programme are:
• 2:1 level 6 degree qualificaton
• OR an honours degree plus a higher degree
• Grade C or above GCSE in English and Maths

On top of this you will require the maturity and emotional resilience required to tackle challenging and complex cases later in your career.

Schemes such as this look set to allow young people interested in entering the world of social work a realistic avenue through which this can be achieved.

With up to 500 places available nationwide, ‘Step up to Social Work’ could be the first step in an incredibly exciting and rewarding career.

Find out more at, applications are open until the 1st May 2015 so don’t miss out.