Still going strong 10 years on.

DanT, March 23, 2009

2009 marks the 10 year anniversary of Jobsgopublic, the online recruitment brainchild of David Marshall and Richard Tyrie. As the company faces arguably the toughest economic climate of its existence co-founder David Marshall has spoken out, sharing his thoughts on the current situation and the road ahead.

A strong sense of confidence, expertise and optimism oozes from the Ri5 article, as David Marshall addresses the online recruitment sphere, calmly calling on significant industry experience for emphasis.

Starting out in 1999 Jobsgopublic were one of the original job boards and the first with a public sector focus, resulting in being the first company to power to government site. A trailblazing run that has left Jobsgopublic open to imitation as Marshall explains- "We've been one of the few pure-play job boards for a long time now, and we've clearly influenced a number of other players' strategies, such as the Guardian and Tribal. In fact, some of their implementations are flattering in their similarity." 

10 years on and Jobsgopublic still hold a significant market share of the public sector online job market, in what has become a highly competitive and crowded market. Jobsgopublic have managed to foot it with much wealthier competitors due to their extensive industry knowledge and understanding - "We have contracts with around a third of local government, we work with every single London borough, and we have a huge degree of awareness - which can work both ways." 

Despite the tightening of purse strings recently Marshall is confident Jobsgopublic have created an innovative and flexible product which can adapt and move with the economy - "Our own USP's are our size and our continuing drive to innovate. We're not tied to a huge, 'undevelopable' platform - ours has been developed in open-source software, using agile techniques, which means we can be very responsive to client and market demands."

March 2009, Jobsgopublic the original player finds itself amongst an ever increasing bunch of contenders and pretenders within the public sector online recruitment game. With their flexible, market leading approach to this developing industry and visionary leaders like David Marshall at the helm the future looks bright and another 10 years at the top looms.